Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal – Taybah Relief

Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal

On Monday morning, Turkey and Syria were struck by a deadly 7.8 magnitude earthquake that brought waves of destruction across both countries. The death toll was reported to be 1000 before a second wave of 7.5-magnitude hit hours later, engulfing at least 1500 lives and causing severe destruction. The rescue teams in Turkey and Syria have begun their operations and are trying to search for survivors under vast piles of rubble.

Thousands Wounded Following A Massive Earthquake

The situation in northwest Syria is particularly dire as thousands of internally displaced people live in camps in dreadful conditions. Due to the weak healthcare system in Syria, the state of the hospitals is overwhelming, and the aid workers have warned of worsening conditions. The severe destruction in Turkey is also alarming, raising the need for urgent humanitarian support.

Help Us Respond To This Devastating Emergency

Taybah Relief is responding to the cries of victims of this tragic catastrophe that has wounded the hopes of already vulnerable populations in Turkey and Syria. Our teams are making every effort to respond to the rising humanitarian needs following the devastation.

It is times like these that require your urgent aid, so we are fully prepared to respond to the cries of our wounded brothers & sisters who need us to survive.

Please pray for Turkey & Syria and send your generous donations to save lives and keep hopes afloat.

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