Donation Policy – Taybah Relief

Donation Policy

    • Taybah relief is your agent in managing, delivering and supervising your charity. Therefore, it is a duty upon Taybah relief to be completely clear and transparent with you.
    • When you give a restricted charity such as Kaffarah, Zakat, Aqeeqah etc… always use the right reference to indicate to the purpose of your charity. Any charity with no reference, Taybah relief will use it for any project at its discretion.
    • If the charitable need for which Taybah relief has collected for has been completed, then Taybah relief will allocate the fund towards another similar project.
    • All prices for goods advertised includes the managing and the delivery costs.
    • Taybah relief has a running costs that need to be covered. The running costs include rent, wages and other essential expenses for the charity such as conducting a fund-raising event or paying a speaker for a charity event etc. These running costs are paid for by corporate donors, income from gift aid, 10p from each pound collected, Sponsors support running costs, Specific fundraisers for Taybah relief and a commission or discount from some of the retailers we deal with.
      NB: Banks and social media charges are not included.
    • Our policy is verified by Sheikh Aimen Alkabir (Specialist in Islamic financial transactions). [email protected]