Libya Crisis Appeal – Taybah Relief

Libya Crisis Appeal

The Displaced in Libya Struggle to Meet their Basic Needs

Since the Libyan war started in 2011, 1 in every 7 people has been struck by conflict and disaster. As a result, the displaced communities still struggle to sustain themselves physically, financially, and economically. The price hikes and lack of necessities have made it extremely difficult to support their livelihood. 

Help Us Provide Ongoing Support to the Most Vulnerable

Taybah Relief supports the humanitarians on the ground to equip the displaced in Libya with basic amenities of life. With your ongoing support to our Libyan Crisis Appeal, you can help us provide:

  • Food and water to feed and nourish the needy and save them from life-threatening diseases 
  • Orphan sponsorship to educate, support, and protect children with no families
  • Medical aid by giving the vulnerable access to healthcare services and first-aid equipment
  • Shelter in the form of clothing, heating equipment, and stable and well-designed camps
  • Livelihood by promoting social protection, economic inclusion, and employment opportunities

Donate to the Libyan Crisis Appeal

Your donations have the power to give the vulnerable and displaced in Libya a chance to live better lives. Our teams are on the ground to provide emergency relief, shelter, food, and water so that they have access to basic necessities.

Help Taybah Relief improve the delivery of humanitarian aid to the disaster-struck in Libya. Even a small donation can assist the needy massively and help empower the women and children to secure their future.

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