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Reflect and Share The Blessings This Muharram

Reflect and Share The Blessings This Muharram

Access to clean water is a fundamental need, yet many vulnerable families face daily struggles without it, leading to severe health issues.

Muharram presents a significant opportunity for us to practise charity and compassion. By donating through Taybah Relief, you can make a lasting impact through Sadaqah Jariyah, providing essential clean water to those in need. Your contribution to our water appeal has the power to bring life-saving water to communities, bringing smiles and a sense of relief.

Bring Change, Bring Water – Donate Now

Muharram, the first and most sacred month of the Islamic lunar calendar, holds immense significance for Muslims worldwide. It not only marks the beginning of the Islamic New Year but also serves as a time for remembrance of the events that shaped Islamic history.

Observing Muharram allows Muslims to:

  • Reflect on the values of sacrifice, patience, and perseverance.
  • Strengthen their faith and commitment to Islamic principles.
  • Show solidarity with those facing oppression and hardship.
The Significance of Muharram

The month of Muharram also commemorates the miraculous event of Hazrat Musa (A.S) splitting the Red Sea, which serves as a powerful symbol of hope in times of adversity. This connects us with the significance of water, signifying sustenance and life, and the compassion and mercy of Allah (S.W.T).

Provide Water To The Needy This Muharram

Just as Muharram is a time for remembrance and observance, it is also an opportunity to extend our support to those in need. At Taybah Relief, we intend to provide clean and safe water to communities facing hardship with your support. Your contributions can make a meaningful impact on the lives of those in need.

Support us in embracing the spirit of charity and kindness by providing emergency water supply to families, water wells and water pumps, and sanitation and hygiene kits for vulnerable families.

Years Of Injustice In Their Own Country

Taybah Relief provides necessary aid to Palestine in critical times, and our brothers & sisters need our help now more than ever. Your support could provide emergency relief, medical assistance, as well as emergency food packs to vulnerable families in Palestine.

Do more this holy month by sharing your blessings with the innocent people of Palestine.

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