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Rohingya Refugees Appeal

Rohingya Refugees Appeal

Over hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims were forced to leave their homeland due to continuous persecution. Over 890,000 of them currently live in refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar district of Bangladesh. But that hardly stopped their struggles as they are still at the mercy of climate conditions and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Facing Harsh Weather And The Pandemic

From persecution to homelessness, their survival only brought new challenges. In 2021, a fire set ablaze the refugee camps of Cox’s Bazar and innocent families & children were forced to leave their shelters. Later in July, heavy rainfalls of monsoon season injured and affected over 21,000 lives. In addition, their camp shelters were damaged, forcing over 13,000 refugees to relocate. 

On top of poverty, climate changes, and conflicts, the pandemic has made their lives much worse as it limits their chances of survival. These vulnerable souls have no place to call home and only rely on outside aid.

Our Compassion Is Their Hope

Taybah Relief aims to assist them in standing back up little by little. With the help of your donations, we assist them with food packs, clothing, water pumps and shelters to ease their struggles.

The Prophet Muhammad () said:

He whose property exceed his needs, let him support the one whose property does not (meet his needs), and he whose food exceeds his needs, let him share it with those who do not have food.

– Reported by Muslim

This is your chance to do more with your support and help these vulnerable refugees gain some aid. Your donations, even as little as a pound, can be crucial to their survival. So please donate now to save lives.

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