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Food Aid

Food Aid

1 out of 10 people globally suffers from extreme hunger due to poverty. As a result, many displaced and needy communities can’t sustain themselves and rely on necessities from people like you. Moreover, the current pandemic has worsened living conditions and impacted the food supply and nourishment. You can help Taybah Relief in its mission to provide food for vulnerable families through your generosity.

We Aim to Reduce Food Poverty

Lack of food and necessities can lead to malnourishment and life-long diseases in disadvantaged people such as refugees, IDPs, widows, and orphans. Without adequate nourishment, they fail to work and support their families, making it hard to sustain their lives.

Taybah Relief’s food programme is built to distribute food parcels, meals, and rations to thousands of displaced and vulnerable families facing starvation. Even with a small donation, you could help feed an entire family and save them from going to sleep hungry. Join hands with us and help us save millions of lives.

A Small Donation Could Feed a Family & Save Lives

The needy around the world call out for your humanitarian assistance. Millions of displaced people in war-torn countries live in unimaginable circumstances where they go days without feeding themselves. Your charity is the only way to help them get access to essential nourishment so they can see some hope and light.

Save the Vulnerable from Hunger

Share your blessings and offer them in the way of Allah S.W.T. Give charity by donating to the needy and let the Almighty bless you with his shade. 

The Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) said:

The believer’s shade on the Day of Resurrection will be his charity.

– Al-Tirmidhi, Hadith 604 

Charity is proof of faith according to the Prophet, and it brings you closer to God. Purify your faith and offer part of your wealth as a donation.

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