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Feed The Fasting

Feed The Fasting

Ramadan is a time to get closer to Allah S.W.T. While fasting, Muslims devote their time to Allah S.W.T and prepare meals for iftar and suhoor. However, this isn’t the case in several underprivileged Muslim communities around the world. Because of being disadvantaged and not having enough resources, they cannot make the most out of Ramadan.

This is why we urge you to help us Feed The Fasting this Ramadan. Help out our brothers and sisters in the battle against hunger and gather eternal rewards through giving Sadaqah, Zakat and Zakat-al-Fitr.

The Prophet () said:

Whosoever feeds a fasting person in order to break the fast at Iftar, for him, there will be forgiveness of his sins and emancipation from the fire of hell and he will receive the reward equal to the fasting person, without that person’s reward being diminished in the least.

Narrated by Salman Al Farisi

Ramadan - A Time To Impact Lives

Ramadan is a month of increased generosity as every good deed is highly rewarded until the end of this month. It is an anticipated time when deprived communities around the world receive support and relief from donations. Thus, Muslims generously help their brothers and sisters in need to assist them.

Feed The Fasting This Ramadan

While the majority of us have the privilege of attending feasts for Iftar, our needy brothers and sisters around the world are worried they might not have enough food for their families to eat for either Iftar or Suhoor.

Team Taybah Relief aims to enable the less fortunate and provide them with food packs, clean water, and other essential amenities to prepare them for fasting. In the Holy Month of Ramadan, Allah S.W.T multiplies good deeds tenfolds, so be kind and gather His bounties through your donations.

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