Winter Emergency – Taybah Relief

Winter Emergency

Though winter seems like a warm and cosy season for many of us, it becomes a battle of survival for millions of impoverished and displaced families. People struggle to stay warm, feed themselves, and be safe, and their only hope is people like you who can help them survive another day.

Winter Becomes a Hardship For The Most Vulnerable People

As winter arrives, impoverished and displaced families succumb to the bitter cold and are inundated with snow storms worldwide. The harsh season threatens to bring misery to the needy, homeless, and refugees who already struggle for basic necessities. 

Moreover, millions of lives are lost to diseases and infections that are rife during the winter. When bitter winds hit, families don’t have more than a tent to protect them. 

Your donations could make a difference in their lives and help them receive essential supplies to get through the harsh weather. 

Each winter, Taybah Relief provides struggling families with food supplies, warm blankets, clothes, heating equipment, medical aid, and clean water to protect them and help them survive. Your support is needed this year to help us save more lives this winter.

Give Warm Smiles This Winter

Team Taybah Relief relies on your generosity to reach people affected by winter in Syria, Palestine, Yemen, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Lebanon, and Rohingya refugees. We need to reach out to the most vulnerable communities and provide them with winter survival packs to help them get through this weather.

Join hands with us, save lives, and give warm smiles this winter! Donate to our Winter Appeal.

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