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Gaza Emergency

Palestine Emergency Appeal

Following days of rising conflict, our brothers and sisters in Gaza are now facing the most serious flare-up since last year, leaving 6 innocent children dead. The air strikes and blockades have caused a new surge of violence between the two factions, leading to a growing number of injured people seeking emergency aid.

Gaza is Under Attack Once Again

So far, the recent air raids have injured hundreds of innocent people in Palestine.

The people of Palestine have been bearing the brunt of this violence and conflict for years and have no choice but to stay resilient and face brutal flare-ups. 

In this time of need, these innocent people rely on your continuous support to survive and save their families.

Help Your Brothers & Sisters in This Time of Need

Taybah Relief is calling all the people to send generous donations so our emergency team can deliver vital aid to Palestine. Hundreds of people currently rely on external assistance and seek urgent medical aid, food, water, and shelter to survive the consequences of this brutal attack.

Your support will help us provide:

  • Emergency medical supplies
  • Food parcels
  • Shelter to the displaced
  • Repair to damaged homes

The Prophet Muhammad () said:

Whoever helps his brother in his time of need, Allah will be there in his time of need.


In this critical time, your support could mean everything to a vulnerable family in Palestine. Please give generously to our Palestine Emergency Appeal now!

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